Digital Marketing – Types of keywords

Types of keywords

In Digital Marketing, keywords are classified as One Word, Two Word, Long Tale and Brand keywords, based on their content.

One word keywords:

The One Word keyword is a keyword with high search volume and high competition in terms of ranking in Google search. Examples of one-word keywords are “VISA“, “DIGITAL” or “IELTS“.Generally, these keywords are mostly used when a user is searching for a topic such as books, magazines, services or other content-based keywords.

one word keyword in Digital Marketing
One Word Keyword

Brand keywords

A brand keyword contains the brand name of a company or related to it. For Example, if I’m a user I will search for brand keywords like “Apple”, which is a well-known brand or search for the “Asus” to know about the products or the company details. In most cases, keywords of this kind are used for informational searches when users want to find out more about products or a company.

How to search Branded Keywords in Digital Marketing.

Short-tail keywords

A short-tail or short-head keyword consists of three or fewer words. A short-tail keyword has a high search volume and is subject to strong competition. Search engine users use these keywords when they search for information or products in the first step. Let’s suppose as a user I’m searching for “Digital Marketing” in search engine which is a short tail keyword. The search results show information about digital marketing or related topics to the keyword. For this reason, it is very difficult to determine clear search intent for short-tail keywords. Conversion rates for these keywords generally are very low.

Use of Short Tail Keywords in Digital Marketing.

Long-tail keywords

A long-tail keyword consists of three or more words. With long-tail keywords, users can get more specific search results. For example, a search in Google with the short-tail keyword “Digital Marketing ” will produce approximately 3,47,00,00,000 results. So searching with a specific long-tail keyword such as “Digital Marketing Agency in Chandigarh” reduces the number of search results and gives a better result. Long-tail keywords usually have a low search volume and low competition. Where, as Long-tail keywords also play an important role in SEO for better searches such as “Best Digital Marketing Agency in Chandigarh”.

How Long Tail Keywords helps to Rank in Digital Marketing

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